Hi, I'm

Tim Radelj Remic,

and I'm a graphic designer and WordPress developer.

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I have over 4 years of professional experience in graphic design and over 2 in website development. I believe in smart, simple and modern design. I’m focused on aesthetic and functional solutions that bring real results for my clients.

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''amazing experience''

We launched a new project and needed help with setting up a new landing page. Tim was the perfect match for us because he knows the trends and also how to combine creative thinking and IT solutions. We had an amazing experience because he helped us with the graphic design, technical setup, and overall suggestions in a really short time.

I am very satisfied with his approach and work! He also has the perfect mindset to help you with the visual presentation and upgrades of your assets.

Mitja Sovič

''very reliable and honest''

I just love working with Tim, he helped me create a visual brand image, set up a website and came up with a very clean design for it. He is very reliable and honest about deadlines when it comes to getting s**t done. What I loved most was his ability to listen & provide feedback accordingly. Definitely someone who I will work with for a long time.

Jure Laharnar


Bachelor of Graphic and Media Technology


University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Engineer of Media Production


Institute and academy of multimedia, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Some of the projects I've created

Buzzverse / Digital marketing

Services: Branding, website design and development

A mobile-first digital headquarters for a TikTok marketing agency

Ver / Tutorial website

Complete creation of assets, branding and the actual website build

A website designed and built as part of a YouTube tutorial

Salon Remy / Nail salon

Services: Branding, photography, website design and development, SEO

The branding and digitalization of a local business

Trening ideja / E-commerce

Services: Branding (except the logo), website design and development, ecommerce

E-commerce website for a business focused on subscription based training programs


A collection of logos I've created

Work experience

2020 - now

Freelance WordPress Developer

2018 - now

Freelance Graphic Designer

February 2019 - May 2019

Lead magazine designer at House of Luxury / Hiša luksuza d.o.o.

I was employed at the publishing company House of Luxury temporarily while their regular designer was unavailable. They publish and manage two magazines, a style magazine for men called David and Golf klub, a golf oriented publication. My contribution was designing both magazines, as well as using the given text and images to design the advertisements for companies like Dior, Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton and many others. Taking care of the visual consistency of the branding of both my client and all the brands that advertised with them was of crucial importance.

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I also...

own a YouTube channel where I discuss and teach design and development.

really like The Lord of the Rings.

It’s just the perfect story.

Ready when you are.

Let’s talk! Feel free to send me an email directly at tim-radelj@hotmail.com
Thank you for your time,
Tim Radelj Remic.