Pronounced rejaléza. Established in 2019.

A made to measure design studio.

Specialized in branding, website design and development, ecommerce and website maintenance.

Personalized and personal.

I make it a point to really understand my clients’ needs and wishes. As a result, everything I create for you will be made exclusively for you. And because I’m a tiny studio, you’ll always know who you’re talking to and who to turn to.

Specialized but all inclusive.

I don’t do many things. So the things I do, I do seriously and purposefully. I’m specialized in branding, website design and WordPress and Shopify development. Within those, I’ll help you with your project from start to finish.

Quality first.

I prioritize quality over quantity in my team, in my client partnerships and in my work. For you, this means I’m committed to your project completely. For me, it means I get to create work I’m passionate about.

Communication is crucial.

Transparency and excellent communication are key to a good professional relationship and to creating high quality work. You’ll never have to feel anxious about the process, because you’ll always know what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and why I’m doing it. No one word responses from me.

The Tim

Yeah, it’s just me. I’m Tim – the face, the voice and everything else behind Reialesa.

I’ve been dabbling in design since I was about 13 years old, and at 19, it became a huge part of my life when I committed to making it my career. Now, in my mid twenties, I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s my dream job. I love creating and building things from nothing.

Despite having two different college degrees, both in graphic design, I can proudly say I’m self-taught in most things. I enjoy learning, and teaching myself how to build websites has been a game changer. It allows me to bring what I design to life, and it’s incredibly exciting.

The vision I’m working hard to create is managing a small but incredibly powerful design studio.

If you value great design, we already have one awesome thing in common.

Tim Radelj Remic


Tim Radelj Remic

Designer and developer

We both… I mean, I love The Lord of the Rings. It’s just the perfect story. And it’s very… precious to me.


I run a neat little YouTube channel where I teach and discuss design and development.


606 subscribers

Wondering what's playing in the background while I'm busy perfecting my craft?

''...put the hours in, put the work in...''

Help me conquer the world.

I've worked with many amazing people from all over the world.

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I come highly recommended.

Mitja Sovič

COO of WeScale Brands

''amazing experience''

We launched a new project and needed help with setting up a new landing page. Tim was the perfect match for us because he knows the trends and also how to combine creative thinking and IT solutions. We had an amazing experience because he helped us with the graphic design, technical setup, and overall suggestions in a really short time.

I am very satisfied with his approach and work! He also has the perfect mindset to help you with the visual presentation and upgrades of your assets.

Jure Laharnar

Co-founder of Buzzverse

''very reliable and honest''

I just love working with Tim, he helped me create a visual brand image, set up a website and came up with a very clean design for it. He is very reliable and honest about deadlines when it comes to getting s**t done. What I loved most was his ability to listen & provide feedback accordingly. Definitely someone who I will work with for a long time.

Sanja Basara

Co-founder of Lumyway

''very reliable, punctual and full of knowledge''

For us, Tim was ”all in one”. He helped us create the branding for our brand, Lumyway. He helped us finalize our logo and he advised us on color and typography choices. But most of all, he both designed and built an online store in Shopify, in three different languages. Very reliable, punctual and full of knowledge. Tim is simply a part of our team forever 🙂

Emil Marinšek

CEO of Maremico

''solved our problems''

We were having some problems with the build quality and the responsiveness on several of our websites. Tim conducted an internal workshop for our team and offered very good consulting that solved our problems. Now our team can make great pages on their own.

But, we were so satisfied with Tim’s services that we also asked him to update many of our websites. He’s not only an expert when it comes to websites, but also a good designer. So we also let him take care of the design on several of our websites. We are happy with his services and plan to cooperate with him on a long-term basis.
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