Buzzverse / Digital marketing

Modern, on brand and on point.

The concept for Buzzverse's logo originates from a pair of wings from a particularly buzzy bee. The shapes of two individual wings are then combined together to form their distinct B.

Superset / Music production

Superset's superstar logo.

Superset's logo represents two music producers who love dragons. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Salon Remy / Nail salon

Minimalistic, elegant and light-hearted.

The focus with Remy's logo was embodying a gentle, feminine vibe, while making sure it looks good everywhere; on the salon's windows, on business cards, on printed media and on the website.

Walking bear / Finance

Standing out is key. Pun intended.

Fysi / Conceptual

Bears. Mountains.

The Devil's a DJ / Conceptual

Headphones and music notes make for a cool DJ logo.

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